Southport and Merseyside Aero Club is a long established and professionally run members' club operating a Cessna 172N out of Liverpool Airport. Members take the aircraft far and near, for local jaunts and for serious alternative transport - such as visiting the Isle of Man TT Races each year.

Although the club has over 50 members, availability of the aircraft is high, particularly during the week and on summer evenings, as many members also have alternative aircraft at their disposal. The aircraft is available for use whenever Liverpool Airport is open to traffic, which is normally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Club is based largely on a self-help philosophy with pilot members taking a higher degree of responsibility for the aircraft than perhaps would be usual in a club. Members are encouraged to keep the aircraft clean and tidy, properly fuelled and oiled, rather than leaving it to someone else. In that sense, it is operated more in the manner of a group owned aircraft.

Members often fly together, sharing costs and venturing further afield as a result. The aircraft is easily booked for entire days or even several days, with no formal requirement to fly a certain number of hours per day, making that long weekend in the South of France entirely feasible.

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