A Cold Front Day 11th February 2009
Roger Penney, Steve Baker and Peter Dodds flew to Shobdon & Halfpenny Green with some interesting weather later in the day.

Fine and Sunny Snowscape near Welshpool

En route to Shobdon

You are supposed to be looking where you are going! Right Base for Shobdon 27

Bit high, possibly?

High Final, Shobdon 27

Snow on the Tops

Where do we go now, Roger?

Slipping under the cloud

Snow on the Malverns

Big Brother is watching you!

Long View of Halfpenny Green

Halfpenny Green Final

The last 15 feet

Parked at Halfpenny Green

Steve goes off for a few solo circuits

The sun is shining, but the sky is black. Cold Front Day!

Climbing out.

Nice landing - Sky still black in the Liverpool Direction

Circuits complete


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