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The "Member's Bar" group forum includes a calendar where members enter the dates and times that they wish to book the aircraft. Other members can then check availability and it also encourages members to fly together, which in turn means longer trips for the same outlay. Calendar entries can be amended by the originator of the entry but cannot be deleted except by the originator or the moderators (John Gill & Peter Dodds), so there is no risk of bookings being "lost".

To view the calendar, and see who has booked the aircraft, click on the Calendar button above. You will initially see the current week shown from Monday to Sunday, and some bookings shown against each day of the week. Click on the small "Add" link beneath the date, and complete the 'Title' 'Time' and 'Duration' details on the form. For Title, just enter the names of the members flying. There is no need to add any other information.

You can also enter a standby booking if the aircraft is already booked at the time you had planned, by entering "<Name> standby booking from <time> to <time>" in the title box for the same day.  Click on 'Add' as above and enter time and duration.  Both bookings will be recorded, but yours will be shown as the standby one.

If you are unable to fulfil your booking, make sure you cancel it, preferably by editing your calendar entry to add the word "Cancelled" at the end of the title box. This is the preferred method for bookings feedback purposes rather than deleting the entry which would then leave no record of any potential booking ever having been made.


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