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Charges April 2016 - April 2017

The membership subscription is just £75 a year, payable annually in April. Members may also elect to pay a "Frequent Flyer" subscription of £160 per year, also payable in April, which entitles them to a significant discount on the flying hours rate. If you expect to fly more than 8 hours in the year, then it is worth joining this scheme. Currently 92% of flights are made by members who recognise the advantage of paying the discount rate.

Rates (held from 1st April 2012) are: -

Frequent Flyer rate £1.40 per tacho. unit - equivalent to just £108.00 per chock to chock hour

Normal rate £1.60 per tacho. unit - equivalent to just £123.43 per chock to chock hour.

Landing Fees (payable to the Club)
£21.00 per landing at Liverpool
£11.50 per touch-and-go at Liverpool, and
£12.00 per landing at Sleap.

Fuel purchased away from Liverpool is reimbursed by the club at cost, but landing fees, parking etc. at other destination aerodromes are the responsiblity of the pilot.

The more we all fly, the lower the rates

Flying time is paid for by tachometer unit. The tachometer is a sub-scale on the engine rpm gauge, rather than the more common Hobbs meter.   The number of tacho. units clocked is a function of engine rpm.  Typically for a long distance flight at 2300rpm and 100 knots indicated airspeed, the engine clocks about 100 tacho. units per airborne hour. A leisurely flight at a cruise rpm of 2200 will last longer and cost less - a win-win situation, whereas rushing about at 2400rpm/110 knots will be a shorter but more costly flight - a lose-lose-lose situation.  (The third "lose" is shortened engine life!).

In addition, to encourage longer outings, if a trip totals more than 250 tachometer units in one day, then the Club will pay the return landing fee at Liverpool.