Bookings and Charges


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Bookings Calendar The Club uses an on-line calendar as the primary record of bookings. Click on the link to the left to find out how to use this system.
General Information and Charges General information regarding subscriptions, tachometer rates and other charges.
Payments Members are requested to use the approved payment slip when sending payments for flights to the Treasurer.
Tech Log 2015 V2 The Tech Log is a 2-sided form, the reverse carrying all the pre and post-flight information previously on the front.  The front page now contains just the labels and blank spaces for data entry.  Click the link on the left to download a copy. If you have access to a double sided printer, you can print out your own supply in case there aren't any in the aircraft.  (There normally will be.) THE REVERSE SIDE MUST BE PRINTED.
Bookings menu

The aircraft is frequently available at short notice, particularly on weekdays, and with Liverpool being a 24 hour airport, evening and night flights may be booked by members with a night rating.

Minimum Flight Duration If the aircraft has not been previously flown for at least 30 minutes airborme time (approximately 45 minutes chock to chock), on the day of the intended flight , then the intended flight must be for a minimum of 30 minutes airborne time. This is to avoid long-term damage to the engine.
Bookings for more than one day There is no general requirement to fly a minimum number of hours per day, and members may take the aircraft for several days with no minimum flying requirement, although out of respect for other members and club finances, this privilege should be used responsibly.
Backup System

If the calendar is not available for any reason, e.g. if you do not have access to a computer, text or call Peter Dodds on his mobile telephone.  Peter will then put the booking on the Calendar for you.  If you don't receive a reply within an hour, please try again using John Gill's mobile telephone. Both numbers are given in the Members Bar forum in the heading preamble on the Home page. 

If you wish to cancel or change a booking in this situation, please contact Peter Dodds or John Gill asap to make the amendment.