Bookings and Charges 2016/17


Members are requested to use the approved payment form when sending payments for flights to the Treasurer.
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Right Click on the white text links and select "Save Target As..." from the dropdown menu to download a copy to your computer.
Payment Form A pdf format blank document which may be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand. Version 2016-02 is current at 08/09/2016.
Example Payment Form Version 2016-02 is current at 08/09/2016.
Payment Spreadsheet An Excel spreadsheet version of the same form.  You can only enter information in the white cells.  The spreadsheet's grey cells contain the calculated values to save YOUR grey cells the trouble. Click the link (left) to download.  Download is a Winzip file.  Just unzip and go! Version 2016-02 is current at 08/09/2016.
Online Payment Complete the online payment form which calculates the amount due. Make a note of this sum and pay (using online banking preferably). On clicking the "Submit" button, the form is emailed automatically to the Treasurer.

Completing the form is self explanatory, except perhaps with regard to fuel purchased away from Liverpool. If you purchase fuel and the price without 20% VAT is not shown on the invoice then calculate and enter the Net price.

The spreadsheet will add back the VAT automatically. Check that the calculated VAT-inclusive price is the same as on the invoice. Do this as a sanity check, before sending the payment in.