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Every Flying Club ought to have a Members' Bar. Ours is a "virtual" one.

Our members are scattered across Merseyside and Cheshire - and indeed across the UK and the world. Keeping in touch is not easy without our own premises. The solution is to have a "Virtual members Bar" where we can all "meet" and discuss flying and related matters. Well here it is - in the form of an internet based Group Forum and mailing List.

The link above takes you to the Club's private Yahoo Group. Read what other members are doing, flights they are planning, or perhaps they may be asking for other members to fly with them. You can post your own messages, either as an original query or statement, or in reply to someone else's message. In this way, quite complex dialogues can be maintained, and help, advice or just exchange of stories is easy to do, and keeps us all in touch with each other. You can also send messages to Committee members with ideas for improving the Club, or queries on Club rules and activities etc.; complaints too (if you must!).

Joining the mailing list is straightforward. First email the Webmaster here with a request to join, or go straight to the Yahoo Groups Sign up page.

You will receive a reply email from Yahoo Groups telling you that you have been invited to join the SMACgroup, and providing a link for you to automatically register with the group. If you do not have a Yahoo Groups ID, then that option is presented first. Complete the ID registration and you are in. You will receive a further email from Yahoo Groups confirming your registration and asking you to reply to that message, which validates your email address.

One word of caution - if you want to use your existing email address for contact, make sure you add an alternate email address and do not tick the yahoo email address box, so that a yahoo email address is not created for you. When you validate your email address from your preferred email address Yahoo sets that as the default to which all messages are normally sent.