The club has a total of 76 members, some of whom have been with us for more years than anyone can actually remember. Some now fly as commercial pilots, some with airlines, some have finally hung up their headsets to dream of trips they once made.  Others are recently qualified PPLs. Some members fly regularly, some fly occasionally, but with sufficient hours logged to maintain their flying safety and licence requirements. Some members meet up regularly, some members have never met each other, particularly so as we do not operate a club premises.

Because a significant number of members no longer fly for some of the reasons above, the availablity of the aircraft is high for members who wish to fly regularly at minimum cost (we are a "Not for Profit" Limited Company).
Applications for membership will be enthusiastically received by the Club Secretary (See "Contacts").
Information about a particular member may be obtained from the Club Secretary (See "Contacts"), if the enquiring person is also a member and has a valid reason for requesting the information.