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Preflight Information Bulletins Formerly known as NOTAMS, (Notices to Airmen), this is the official National Air Traffic Services (NATS) source for PIBs.
Problems Getting NOTAMs? This is a simple guide from the General Aviation Safety Council.
Aeronautical Information Service The new (2008) AIS web site which is easier to navigate and does not require registration or login.
SSR Conspicuity Codes These are now coming into widespread use. We will probably all be familiar with 0260 for Liverpool. This link takes you to the UK AIP Document ENR1.6. On page 11 of this document is the current list of SSR codes.

The Mnemonic stands for Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace. On this site you will find a lot of important new information about new procedures came into force on 12th March 2009. FIS, RIS and RAS are going and "Basic Service", "Traffic Service", "Deconfliction Service", "Procedural Service" are coming. Download the tutorial, or view it on line.

There's a new, and excellent, Safety Sense leaflet (No. 8e) on the subject published by the CAA.

Listening Squawks The current list of "Listening Sqawks" is as follows:
  • 0010 Birmingham 118.050 MHz
  • 0012 Thames Radar/Gatwick
  • 0013 Luton / Stansted 129.550 MHz / 120.625 MHz
  • 7366 Manchester 118.575 MHz

If you set the appropriate transponder code when flying near these airports, but outside controlled airspace, it indicates to ATC that you are maintaining a listening watch on the indicated frequency. For full details, click the link.
NOTAMView To help interpret the data, a useful piece of software, NOTAMview, is available for download.
NOTAMPilot Try the also free (well, charityware) NOTAMPilot, if you find NOTAMview not to your taste.

To access NOTAMPilot, you also need a guest subscription to AvBrief, and that is also free. However, if you register at that site, there are additional benefits, which atre listed on the site

The Red Arrows
The "Temporarily Upgraded Airspace" in which the Red Arrows are flying their displays MUST be avoided. The official source for the Red Arrows movements and TUA should be obtained by telephoning (free) 0500 354802.  A quick check of where the displays are being held can be found on their web site.  Click the link on the left.
Royal Flights Information on Royal Flights is now included within the ambit of "Temporarily Upgraded Airspace" - Telephone (free) 0500 354802.