New Engine 2014
In February 2014, during inspection at the Annual, our H2AD engine finally, after a remarkable 3200 hours, showed signs of old age. We were extremely fortunate to locate an almost zero-timed replacement (86 hours only) at Multiflight at Leeds-Bradford Airport, and at a reasonable price. In March the aircraft was duly delivered to Multiflight and the new engine installed. These photographs were taken by Multiflight during the replacement, and clearly show a quality job.
New Engine New Engine New Engine New Engine
The old engine is removed, revealing the surprisingly flimsy looking engine mountings, considering the job they have to do.
New Engine New Engine New Engine New Engine
A cracked exhaust manifold is revealed. Goodbye faithful friend. You served us very well. A thorough clean up and repaint where necessary.
New Engine New Engine New Engine New Engine
A smart new engine deserves new hoses, naturally! Propeller and spinner attached, air ducting fitted, and all looking shipshape (to borrow a nautical term).
New Engine New Engine


Pictures courtesy of Multiflight Ltd., Leeds-Bradford Airport

All complete and ready for the cowlings to be refitted. A job like this doesn't come without a significant cost, so members are urged to put the new engine to good use - go flying and replenish our finances. Bon voyage!