Christmas Social 2005
Kenny McMahon organised the gathering - but was it just for the free beer?

I fly with him sometimes, but I'm wary of men in red parkas!

Dreaming of blue skies and 50K viz! At Liverpool? Just fill my glass and dream on! Look at the legs on that, Ray. Damien, you need new glasses - that's a table!

There's not a lot you can say about a group of pilots on a Christmas night out at a Liverpool brewery!

Sufficient to say that it was one of our rare social events, and a good time was had by all, with a significant export of Cain's ale from the premises.

Photos mostly by John Gill (right), but not this one. Would anyone seriously consider flying with any of this crew? There I was, low on fuel and a 30 knot headwind, when ATC told me to go around!