Information provided by the Club's Safety Information Officer
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Safety Sense leaflet No. 8e Published in January 2009, this covers the new ATSOCAS procedures.  It covers a broader range of subject matter than just the basic legal definitions and is well worth a read. Better still download it, print it and stick it in your Flight Bag.
Liverpool GA Procedures First of a series of tutorials from QFI John Gill on General Aviation procedures for flying out of and into Liverpool Airport.
The CAA VFR Guide 2008 This document is essential reading for every private pilot. Download it and study it. To save a copy, right click the link and select "Save target as..." from the dropdown menu.
McMurdo Fastfind G PLB The user manual for the Club's Personal Locator Beacon
GASCO General Aviation Safety Awareness Council web site.  Packed with essential interesting and useful aviation safety information.
Safety Sense A dynamic series of very readable booklets available free to pilots which cover many aspects of aviation safety, with perhaps an emphasis of not-so-common sense.
Aeronautical Information Service Register with the AIS for self-briefing aeronautical information for the UK including safety information.
Liverpool Airport Charts The Liverpool page of the AIS which includes all the VFR procedures and IFR plates for Liverpool
CAA Safety Publications A list of all the CAA safety publications, with a download option.
GASIL General Aviation Safety Information Leaflets.
On Track A web site devoted entirely to controlled airspace infringements. When the weather's too bad to fly, it's good enough for browsing this site! A huge number of links to aviation related information here.
CAS Infringements You can view real radar replays of Controlled Airspace (CAS) infringements here if you have Windows Media player.  Sobering, if not frightening!
Airspace Safety The Airspace and Safety Initiative (ASI) is a joint CAA , NATS , AOA , GA and MoD effort to investigate and tackle the major safety risks in UK airspace.
AAIB Accident reports for UK registered aircraft from the Air Accident Investigation Branch.
The Red Arrows
Information on the Red Arrows movements should be obtained by telephoning (free) 0500 354802.  A quick check of where the displays are being held can also be found on their web site.  Click the link on the left.

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