INTERNET: There are many internet weather sites providing free weather information for flyers. Some are given below. Sunrise and sunset times have now been added for night flying. Official night begins 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise at ground level.

From November 2008 the 18hr TAF has been changed to a 24 hour forecast and the 9 hr TAF has been discontinued.

Aviation TAFs & METARS by ICAO Code.

Select the 18hr TAF option on this page,

Easier to understand than the official source, this site includes explanations as well as the bare facts.

Webmasters Choice

A brand new free weather site is

This site is more like your TV weather, a live voice 5 day forecast with animated graphics, focused specifically at General Aviation.  Really good for planning and booking the aircraft a few days ahead. A separate slightly more detailed weekend forecast takes a little less time to play. There is also an option to talk to a live forecaster, for a small charge.
Click on the top left drop down box and select from the long list of options TAFS, METARS, and Surface Analyses for various times ahead and any other details such as SIGMET etc.

This is an excellent and comprehensive aviation weather site from Norway which provides international forecasts for up to a week ahead in the form of synoptic charts, as well as the usual METAR and TAF listings, forecast winds and weather (MetForms 214 and 215 for UK and 414 and 415 for Europe). These are all completely FREE.
Friends of Liverpool Airport A snapshot weather report and a 5-day forecast (including winds, unusually) can be obtained from a link on the FOLA front page.

John Gill's Favourites

Met Office Charts

This is the general weather synoptic charts at 6 hour intervals from T+0 to T+84 in colour. Similar to the information above, but prettier!

U.S. Airforce European Weather (Home page)

Five day forecasts available here. Use this as a second opinion against the Met. Office, says John. Very obliging of the USAF to give us our weather information free!
Surface weather charts in 6hr time windows
Takes you directly to the rather spectacularly drawn time lapse surface weather charts
Freeserve weather A very comprehensive site which includes general forecasts and links to the Met Office Aviation pages. To access the Met. Office pages still requires registration and some services are chargeable.

Roger Penney's recommendation

This shows a map of UK and Ireland. If you place your mouse over your nearest airport or destination you can get current weather report as well as wind history and predicted winds etc. You can also see an animated 24 hour weather forecast. It even gives the offshore buoys, reports of wind etc.

The Official Source

UK Meteorological Office Aviation Division

The UK official weather source for pilot self-briefing is of course the Meteorological Office. Registration is required and only Metforms 214, 215, 41`4, 415, TAFs and METARS are free. Other forecasts require a subscription.
Flyer Magazine Weather Portal Flyer Magazine lists over twenty weather sites.
Sunrise and Sunset From

METFAX: Pilots may obtain weather briefings from the Meteorological Office via METFAX, the dial-up Fax-back service. Telephone 09060 700501 and press the start key on your fax machine when prompted to obtain a list of telefax numbers and services provided. The commonest ones required are:

09060 700503 F215 UK Low level Weather chart
09060 700504 F214 UK Spot Wind chart

AIRMET: Voice weather briefings may be obtained by telephoning 09063 800400 and keying the star key, when prompted, followed by a 3 digit aerodrome code. A few are given here to provide an indication of 24h weather at Liverpool, and north, south, east and west of Liverpool.

Base Liverpool 342
West Valley 444
East East Midlands 274
North Newcastle 376
South Gloucestershire 288